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Netflix Stocks and Netflix and Chill Rises

by on January 16, 2017

Netflix has it’s problems but people are sick and tired of being ass raped by the Cable/ Satellite industry. Being sold 300 channels and getting 150 is horse crap, paying over $100 bucks a month (without premium channels) and still having to sit through more commercials than ever. Not to mention huge blocks of infomercials. Netflix changed the game.

Consider Netflix another network now. They have as more original content than many networks. I am a big fan and think it’s a great value at $10.00 a month.

Over $10.00 a month you get strong value of Movies and Series. Cable and Satellite companies need to change their marketing plan in the 10 years because their stock values are going to drop.

Get Netflix and Amazon Prime. Get ride of Cable and Satellite. So you can save money for some medical.