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Should PA Revoke a Cannabis License For Their Parent Company’s Past?

by Szuon July 19, 2017
Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, LLC (PAMS), won a license to grow medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, but some think the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) should reconsider awarding that license. PAMS is a subsidiary of Vireo Health, which has medical cannabis licenses in New York and Minnesota, as well as quite the blemish on their business […]

Omega-3 fatty acids fight inflammation via cannabinoids

by Szuon July 18, 2017
Chemical compounds called cannabinoids are found in marijuana and also are produced naturally in the body from omega-3 fatty acids. A well-known cannabinoid in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for some of its euphoric effects, but it also has anti-inflammatory benefits. A new study in animal tissue reveals the cascade of chemical reactions that convert omega-3 […]

Depression among young teens linked to cannabis use at 18

by Szuon July 17, 2017
Young people with chronic or severe forms of depression were at elevated risk for developing a problem with cannabis in later adolescence, found a study looking at the cumulative effects of depression in youth. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Canada should continue with separate medical stream after cannabis is legalized for recreational use: Study

by Szuon July 17, 2017
After cannabis is legalized, Canada should continue with a separate medical cannabis stream to keep patients safe, argues a new commentary. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Closing medical marijuana dispensaries increases crime, according to new study

by Szuon July 11, 2017
Contrary to popular belief, medical marijuana dispensaries (MMDs) reduce crime in their immediate areas, suggests a new report. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Scientists lay the groundwork for a reliable marijuana breathalyzer

by Szuon July 6, 2017
An important step has been taken toward a reliable marijuana breathalyzer by measuring the vapor pressure of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — a measurement that, due to the compound’s chemical structure, is very difficult and has not been accomplished before. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

National Hemp Association Board Chairman Meets With USDA Senior Officials

by Szuon July 6, 2017
According to a press release yesterday sent out by the National Hemp Association (NHA), on Wednesday, June 28th, Board Chairman Geoff Whaling met with senior U.S. Department of Agriculture staff, along with Erica McBride from the Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp Council. The press release says this is the first time that Agricultural Secretary Perdue has had […]

Greece Legalizes Medical Cannabis

by Szuon July 6, 2017
According to the Independent, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced last week that Greece will legalize medical cannabis, allowing doctors to write prescriptions for it. “From now on, the country is turning its page, as Greece is now included in countries where the delivery of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal,” says Prime Minister […]

Marijuana and vulnerability to psychosis

by Szuon July 5, 2017
The link between marijuana use and psychotic-like experiences has been confirmed in a Canadian adolescent cohort. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Legal cannabis laws impact teen use

by Szuon June 27, 2017
A new study has found that adolescents living in medical marijuana states with a plethora of dispensaries are more likely to have tried new methods of cannabis use, such as edibles and vaping, at a younger age than those living in states with fewer dispensaries. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News