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Benefits of medical marijuana for treatment of epilepsy examined

by Szuon May 24, 2017
Although cannabis had been used for many centuries for treatment of seizure disorders, medical use became prohibited in the 20th century. However, with the loosening of laws regarding medical marijuana, research and clinical use of marijuana-derived substances are increasing. This has prompted the publishing of an in-depth assessment of the potential of cannabinoids for the […]

Protecting Your Innovative Cannabis Strains With a Strong Intellectual Property Strategy: Part 2 – Patents for New Cannabis Strains

by Szuon May 24, 2017
In the first installment of this three-part series we explored the reasons why cannabis breeders should adopt a strong IP strategy sooner rather than later and looked briefly at the types of IP that those breeders and growers should be considering. In this second installment, we will examine in more detail patent protection for innovative […]

A third of high school students ride with drivers who have been drinking

by Szuon May 17, 2017
One in three high school students reports riding with a driver who has been drinking, while nearly one in five was in a car where the driver had consumed marijuana, according to a new study. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Trying new marijuana products and edibles is associated with unexpected highs

by Szuon May 15, 2017
Unexpected highs are a consequence of using new marijuana products and edibles, products that have flooded the marijuana market since legalization of recreational marijuana use. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Marijuana use tied to poorer school performance

by Szuon May 11, 2017
When high school students started smoking marijuana regularly they were less likely to get good grades and want to pursue university, according to a new study. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Protecting Innovative Strains with a Strong Intellectual Property Strategy: Part 1– Why IP & Why now?

by Szuon May 10, 2017
This three-part series will provide an in-depth look at intellectual property (IP) protection that is available for innovative and new varieties of cannabis. In this first installment, we will examine the reasons why cannabis breeders should adopt a strong IP strategy and look briefly at the types of IP that they should be considering. In […]

Cannabis reverses aging processes in the brain, study suggests

by Szuon May 8, 2017
Memory performance decreases with increasing age. Cannabis can reverse these ageing processes in the brain. This was shown in mice by scientists at the University of Bonn with their colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel). Old animals were able to regress to the state of two-month-old mice with a prolonged low-dose treatment with […]

ER visits related to marijuana use at a Colorado hospital quadruple after legalization

by Szuon May 4, 2017
Visits by teens to a Colorado children’s hospital emergency department and its satellite urgent care centers increased rapidly after legalization of marijuana for commercialized medical and recreational use, according to new research. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Neuroscientists seek brain basis of craving in addiction and binge eating

by Szuon May 3, 2017
A new article details the first step in revealing how craving works in the brain. Scientists have now proposed a quantitative model for drug addiction research. The model focuses on craving: the intense, urgent feeling of needing or wanting drugs. Their ongoing research and subsequent findings have the potential to open a new frontier of […]

Applications for Tissue Culture in Cannabis Growing: Part 2

by Szuon May 3, 2017
In the first part of this series, we introduced Dr. Hope Jones, who took her experience in tissue culture from NASA and brought it to the cannabis industry and C4 Laboratories. We discussed some of the essential concepts behind tissue culture and defined a few basic terms like micropropagation, totipotency, explants and cloning. Now let’s […]