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Cannabis Products: Requirements & Regulations for Pesticides & Cannabinoids

by Szuon October 23, 2017
The post Cannabis Products: Requirements & Regulations for Pesticides & Cannabinoids appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal. Source: Cannabis Industry Journal

Quality Assurance In The Field: Instruments For Growers & Processors

by Szuon October 19, 2017
As the cannabis marketplace evolves, so does the technology. Cultivators are scaling up their production and commercial-scale operations are focusing more on quality. That greater attention to detail is leading growers, extractors and infused product manufacturers to use analytical chemistry as a quality control tool. Previously, using analytical instrumentation, like mass spectrometry (MS) or gas […]

A new target for marijuana

by Szuon October 16, 2017
Cellular-level changes to a part of the brain’s reward system induced by chronic exposure to the psychoactive component of marijuana may contribute to the drug’s pleasurable and potentially addictive qualities, suggests a study in young mice. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Wildfires Devastating Californian Cannabis Farms

by Szuon October 11, 2017
Earlier this week, a series of wildfires began ripping through Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, causing mandatory evacuations, rampant property damage and taking the lives of at least 17 people. Extraordinarily high wind gusts up to 50 mph have swept through communities in Northern California, leaving complete destruction in its wake. According to The Washington […]

Cannabis consumption increases violent behavior in young people in psychiatric care

by Szuon October 6, 2017
A new study on cannabis use that involved 1,136 patients (from 18 to 40 years of age) with mental illnesses who had been seen five times during the year after discharge from a psychiatric hospital demonstrates that sustained used of cannabis is associated with an increase in violent behavior in young people. Moreover, the association […]

Antidote to synthetic cannabis ‘Spice’ intoxication could be found in slimming drug

by Szuon October 4, 2017
Early research has potentially found an antidote that can rapidly stop the intoxicating effects of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Colorado Issues Safety Advisory; More Pesticides Found In Cannabis

by Szuon September 25, 2017
According to a press release issued on Friday, September 22nd, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), along with the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), issued a public health and safety advisory for cannabis products tainted with pesticide residue. The advisory was issued after the detection […]

Up to one-quarter of cancer patients use marijuana

by Szuon September 25, 2017
A new study conducted in a cancer center in a state with legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana found that approximately one-quarter of surveyed patients used marijuana in the past year, mostly for physical and psychological symptoms. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Cannabis, 'spice' – better think twice

by Szuon September 21, 2017
Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the world, and the advent of synthetic cannabinoids creates additional challenges to the society because of their higher potency and ability to escape drug detection screenings.  Scientists have a warning about a new danger coming from cannabinoid abuse. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Medical students not trained to prescribe medical marijuana

by Szuon September 15, 2017
More than half of the states in the US now allow some type of legal marijuana use, primarily medical marijuana. But, in a survey of medical residents and deans at the nation’s medical schools, researchers have found that the majority of schools are not teaching their students about medical marijuana, and the majority of students […]