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Vlog: Grow Room Update

by Szuon September 4, 2016

5 Ways to Increase Yields (with any strain)  

by Szuon September 4, 2016
by Nebula Haze Are you an indoor cannabis grower? Almost all indoor cannabis growers want bigger yields for less money, time and effort. On the website, we’ve already covered how to increase potency & quality of home-grown buds, as well as how to produce buds with a better taste & smell, but this article will focus […]

Video: Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Explained

by Szuon July 28, 2016
Ebb and flow (also known as ‘flood and drain’) is a simple hydroponic growing method that’s cheap and easy to set-up and relatively hassle-free to maintain. Growers enjoy bigger yields over hand-watering and are freed up from the chore of daily manual irrigation. We explain everything you need to know about ebb and flow in […]

Video: Hydroponics: Growing Media 101

by Szuon July 28, 2016
A beginner-friendly introduction to grow media for hydroponics. We cover inert growth medium choices such as rockwool / stonewool, grow stones and perlite and other media options such as coconut coir too. We look at how the choice of growing media affects / dictates irrigation strategies—restrictive and non-restrictive growing media.

Cannabis Seed Companies

by Szuon July 27, 2016
Buy Cannabis Seeds From These Businesses. Contact us if your interested in your information being posted here. Sensi Seeds: Original cannabis seed strains

Video: How Often Should I Change Out My Nutrient Reservoir?

by Szuon July 27, 2016
When growing in recirculating active hydroponics systems you need to change out your nutrients frequently—but how do you know when it’s time to drain away your spent nutrients and start with a fresh batch? We explain everything in four minutes.