PA Announces First 12 Grower/Processor Permit Winners

by Szuon June 20, 2017
The Pennsylvania Department of Health announced today the first 12 winners of growing and processing permits for the state’s medical cannabis program. At first glance, it appears those who won the permits have teams with experience in successful cannabis operations elsewhere in the country. The permit winners now have six months to become operational, according […]

Rates of marijuana use, heavy use, and cannabis use disorder depend on where you live

by Szuon June 16, 2017
Adult marijuana use rose significantly in states that passed loosely regulated medical marijuana laws (MMLs) according to a new study. The highest increases were reported among adults ages 26 and over. Little change was found in past-month marijuana use among adolescents or young adults between the ages 18 and 25. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Marijuana use among college students on rise following Oregon legalization, study finds

by Szuon June 14, 2017
College students attending an Oregon university are using more marijuana now that the drug is legal for recreational use, but the increase is largely among students who also report recent heavy use of alcohol, a new study has found. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Protecting Your Innovative Cannabis Strains With a Strong Intellectual Property Strategy: Part 3 – Trademark Protection for New Cannabis Strains

by Szuon June 13, 2017
In the first two installments of this three-part series, we explored the reasons why cannabis breeders and growers should adopt a strong IP strategy and discussed the types of patent protection that they should consider. In this final installment, we examine trademark protection for new cannabis varieties and the unique trademark issues currently facing the […]

Mixing booze, pot is a serious threat to traffic safety

by Szuon June 12, 2017
Use of marijuana in combination with alcohol by drivers is especially dangerous, according to a study. Drivers who used alcohol, marijuana, or both were significantly more likely to be responsible for causing fatal two-vehicle crashes compared to drivers who were involved in the same crashes but used neither of the substances. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

ASTM International and American Herbal Products Association Announce Partnership

by Szuon June 12, 2017
According to a press release sent out on June 8th, ASTM International and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) announced a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on cannabis standards. The press release says that ASTM International will coordinate the work to develop the standards with all stakeholders involved and AHPA will make technical contributions and […]

Washington Changes Course, Selects MJ Freeway as New ASV

by Szuon June 12, 2017
Two weeks ago, we reported on the State of Washington choosing Franwell as their apparent successful vendor (ASV) for their seed-to-sale traceability system contract. Late last week, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) sent out an email explaining that they are no longer going with Franwell and the new ASV is MJ Freeway. […]

Why the marijuana and tobacco policy camps are on very different paths

by Szuon June 8, 2017
New research looked at diverging trajectories of cannabis and tobacco policies in the US and attempts to explain some of the reasoning behind the different paths, while discussing possible implications. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Teen cannabis use and illicit drug use in early adulthood linked

by Szuon June 8, 2017
Researchers have found regular and occasional cannabis use as a teen is associated with a greater risk of other illicit drug taking in early adulthood. The study also found cannabis use was associated with harmful drinking and smoking. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Organic Cannabis Association & Ethical Cannabis Alliance Announce Merger

by Szuon June 6, 2017
The Organic Cannabis Association and Ethical Cannabis Alliance announced today they are merging into one organization, the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC), according to a press release. The new third-party certifications include “Organically Grown” and “Fairly Produced”, granting producers a seal for marketing if they achieve the certifications. Ashley Preece, executive director of the Cannabis Certification […]