urban-gro Launches Cannabis Industry’s First Line Of IoT Solutions

by Szuon November 21, 2017
Last week at the MJBizCon, a major cannabis industry event held annually in Las Vegas, urban-gro launched the first technology line for cannabis growers utilizing Internet-of-Things (IoT). urban-gro, a cultivation technology company for commercial-scale growers, announced the launch of announced Soleil® Technologies, an integrated portfolio of hardware, software, and services that uses IoT. “The solution […]

California Releases Proposed Emergency Regulations

by Szuon November 20, 2017
Last week, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control released their proposed emergency regulations for the industry. The Bureau, the government agency tasked with regulating California’s cannabis industry, announced the proposed emergency regulations ahead of the highly anticipated January 2018 start date. The Bureau also published helpful fact sheets and overview documents, providing a good snapshot […]

More adults use marijuana in states where it is legal

by Szuon November 13, 2017
Daily use of marijuana as well as past month rates rose for both men and women aged 26 and older in states with medical marijuana laws in effect. Marijuana use among those younger than 26 years old was generally unaffected by changes in the law. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference

by Szuon November 10, 2017
The post Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference appeared first on Cannabis Industry Journal. Source: Cannabis Industry Journal

Colorado Issues Recall, Pesticides Found In Cannabis

by Szuon November 6, 2017
Last week, the Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR), the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) announced a health and safety advisory for a large number of cannabis products grown and produced by Tree of Wellness Inc., doing business as Tree of Wellness. The health and safety […]

Can cannabinoids be used to treat cancer?

by Szuon November 6, 2017
When cannabinoids activate signaling pathways in cancer cells they can stimulate a cell death mechanism called apoptosis, unleashing a potent anti-tumor effect. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Booze and pot use in teens lessens life success

by Szuon November 6, 2017
Young adults dependent on marijuana and alcohol are less likely to achieve adult life goals, according to new research. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Sustainability & Quality Go Hand-In-Hand In The Cannabis Industry

by Szuon November 2, 2017
I recently attended the CannaGrow Expo held in Denver, Colorado. It was a fantastic event, per usual, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of presentations by industry experts where the central themes were sustainability and environmental stewardship. I was particularly struck by Adam Maher’s presentation, where he discussed the merits of micro […]

Marijuana use associated with cognitive dysfunction in people with HIV who have substance abuse disorder, study finds

by Szuon November 1, 2017
Marijuana use is associated with cognitive dysfunction in people with HIV infection who have an alcohol or other drug use disorder, according to a new study. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News

Regular marijuana use linked to more sex, study finds

by Szuon October 27, 2017
Despite concerns among physicians and scientists that frequent marijuana use may impair sexual desire or performance, the opposite appears more likely to be the case, new research indicates. Source: ScienceDaily’s Marijuana News