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Q&A with Adam Smith, Executive Director of the Craft Cannabis Alliance

by Szuon September 11, 2017
The Craft Cannabis Alliance is a values-driven industry association whose mission is to define, promote, and celebrate authentic Oregon craft cannabis. Though it has only recently launched, it already counts many of Oregon’s most important local brands among its members, and looks poised to help lead a craft cannabis movement both within the industry and […]

How To Select The Best Monitoring System For Your Cannabis Greenhouses

by Szuon September 11, 2017
Maintaining an environment that supports cultivation and keeps plants healthy is not an easy task. In cannabis growing, there are a variety of factors that greenhouse managers and personnel must monitor to ensure that their plants are in a healthy environment that fosters growth and development. Temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 levels are a few […]

The Future of California’s Regulations: Q&A with Josh Drayton

by Szuon August 31, 2017
Josh Drayton, deputy director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, has an extensive career in local and state-level politics, with his origins in Humboldt County as a political organizer. As a coffee shop owner about ten years ago in Humboldt, he let city council candidates use his space for community engagement, which eventually steered him […]

Canadian Company Recalls Contaminated Cannabis

by Szuon August 31, 2017
Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd., a cannabis business located on Vancouver Island, issued a voluntary recall of three cannabis lots due to the detection of pesticides. According to the safety alert published on Health Canada’s website, the voluntary Type III recall follows an inspection of the facility back in March of this year. A Type III […]

Chalice Farms Canna Boot Camp Educates Portland Attendees

by Szuon August 30, 2017
On Monday, August 28th, attendees of the Cannabis Science Conference descended on Portland, Oregon for a week of educational talks, networking and studying the science of cannabis. On Monday, Chalice Farms, an extracts and infused products company, hosted a full day Canna Boot Camp focused on a deep dive behind the scenes of a cannabis […]

Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council Launches Education Program

by Szuon August 16, 2017
The Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC) is an interesting nonprofit that recently launched an educational campaign, called Consume Responsibly Massachusetts. For many cannabis advocates who watched their states legalize the drug, consumer education is a very important part of moving forward. As states across the East Coast implement regulatory frameworks for the cannabis industry, there is a […]

Is There a Medical Cannabis Crisis Brewing in Germany?

by Szuon August 3, 2017
There is a great deal to be happy about with medical cannabis legalization in Germany. This is the first country that has mandated insurance coverage of the drug – at least at the federal legislative level. However, as the government evaluates the finalists in the first tender bid for domestically grown and regulated cannabis, a […]

Florida Medical Cannabis Market Growth Stymied By Red Tape

by Szuon August 3, 2017
The demand for medical cannabis in Florida might be growing steadily, with patient numbers soaring, but that doesn’t mean the market will grow accordingly. Due to hampering regulations and a lack of state guidance, the industry in Florida is tiny and patients have limited options for medical cannabis products. A little more than three years […]

Cannabis Industry Needs Leadership, Not Pesticides

by Szuon July 27, 2017
The medical cannabis sector is currently attracting increased attention, as patients, doctors, regulators and investors take a closer look at our industry. There is a lot for them to learn and to benefit from as our industry matures under the glare of the proverbial spotlight. And there’s a lot for those of us in the industry to […]

Should PA Revoke a Cannabis License For Their Parent Company’s Past?

by Szuon July 19, 2017
Pennsylvania Medical Solutions, LLC (PAMS), won a license to grow medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, but some think the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) should reconsider awarding that license. PAMS is a subsidiary of Vireo Health, which has medical cannabis licenses in New York and Minnesota, as well as quite the blemish on their business […]