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NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit

by Szuon February 19, 2018
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Israel’s Cannabis Export Plans Evaporate in Fire and Fury

by Szuon February 14, 2018
Trump Administration-Israeli relations had the distinct whiff of cannabis to them in the first week of February. In a development potentially just as impactful as transplanting Israel’s capital to Jerusalem, it has now emerged that Israel’s president, Benjamin Netanyahu, has effectively scotched, at least temporarily, the country’s budding medical cannabis international export plans on the […]

Head of German Police Union Calls for Official Decriminalization of Cannabis

by Szuon February 12, 2018
Facing the same conundrum as police everywhere after the start of a medical market only this time with federal authorization, the head of the German police union has called for recreational use of cannabis to also be decriminalized. On the first Monday of February, the head of the BDK – the Association of German Criminal […]

MGC Pharma Makes Its Slovenian Moves More Final

by Szuon February 7, 2018
Right now the map of Europe, from a cannabis cultivation perspective at least, is shaping up to be very much like a game of Risk. Throw the dice, move your armies (or more accurately line up your financing), and apply for federal import and cultivation licenses. In the process, all sorts of interesting strategic plays […]

Top 4 Food Safety Hazards for the Cannabis Industry

by Szuon February 5, 2018
As many US States and Canadian provinces approach legalization of cannabis, the question of regulatory oversight has become a pressing issue. While public awareness is mainly focused on issues like age restrictions and impaired driving, there is another practical question to consider: should cannabis be treated as a drug or a food product when it […]

Growing Pains a Month Into California’s Market Launch

by Szuon January 31, 2018
For about a month now, California’s adult use market has been open for business and the market is booming. About thirty days into the world’s largest adult use market launch, we are beginning to see side effects of the growing pains that come with adjusting the massive industry. Consumers are also feeling sticker shock as […]

Aurora Leads Cannabis Import Race in Italy by Winning (Mostly) Exclusive Rights

by Szuon January 30, 2018
Just as the dust had settled on the news that Canadian LP Aurora had signed agreements to finance a major growing facility in Denmark, the company also added another European feather to its cannabis cap. On January 18, the company announced that it is the sole and exclusive winner of an EU-wide tender bid to […]

10 Treatment Methods to Reduce Mold in Cannabis

by Szuon January 30, 2018
As the operations manager at Los Sueños Farms, the largest outdoor cannabis farm in the country, I was tasked with the challenge of finding a yeast and mold remediation treatment method that would ensure safe and healthy cannabis for all of our customers while complying with stringent regulations. While outdoor cannabis is not inherently moldy, […]

NACB Releases Packaging and Labeling Standards for Public Review

by Szuon January 29, 2018
Last week, the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) announced the publication of their Packaging and Labeling National Standard, initiating a comment period for public review. The NACB, which launched in June of 2017, is the first-ever self-regulatory organization (SRO) for cannabis businesses in the United States. According to the press release, the Packaging and […]

The First Map of the Cannabis Genome

by Szuon January 24, 2018
Sunrise Genetics, Inc., the parent company for Hempgene and Marigene, announced last week they have successfully mapped the cannabis genome. The genome map was presented at the 26th Annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego, CA during the panel “Cannabis Genomics: Advances and Applications.” According to CJ Schwartz, chief executive officer of Sunrise […]