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Grow Room Photos

by Szuon January 22, 2017

Vlog: Grow Room Update

by Szuon September 4, 2016

Video: How Often Should You Replace High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Grow Lamps?

by Szuon August 10, 2016
We discuss spectral degradation and decreased output of HPS and MH grow lamps—why does the spectrum degrade and output diminish? How often should grow lamps be changed for optimal performance?  

Video: L-E-D Garden TESTING – Remo Nutrients and 4 Kinds of WEED in 4K

by Szuon August 3, 2016
  The Urban grower takes you into a test garden with spectrum King LED lighting and shows you 4Kinds of cannabis grown with REMO nutrients. in 4K-Resolution    

Video: How to build a grow room

by Szuon July 28, 2016
Great Video on Basics of Cannabis and Building your own grow room. Great Information.