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Free: Nectar For The Gods Sample

by Szuon February 21, 2018
We would love for you to try out the Nectar For The Gods line. All we ask is for is help with the shipping cost and we can get a case out to you. All you have to do is respond to the questions below as well as respond with a shipping address and we will run […]

Understanding N-P-K the Three Major Nutrients 4 Plants

by Szuon January 18, 2017
N-P-K: The elemental shorthand for the three major nutrients in fertilizers. “N” stands for Nitrogen, “P” stands for Phosphate (P2O2) and “K” stands for Potash (K2O). These are the chemical forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are present in fertilizers. All fertilizer has a guaranteed analysis (by law), which means a bag of the […]